Celebrating Co-op Week 2023
October 16, 2023

What Does Southern Plains Co-op Mean to the Community?

The Southern Plains Co-op is more than just a business. It's an integral part of the Estevan, Oxbow, Carlyle, Alameda, and Gainsborough communities, offering top quality food, liquor, agro, fuel and home products. But what does it really mean to its members? Let's hear from them directly.

Quality Products and Community Involvement
"The Southern Plains Co-op matters in my community because its a name we trust to supply us with top quality products. To be involved in the community events and support causes." - Naomi J., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Convenience and Ownership Benefits
"Our membership means a lot to us because it is so handy to have access to a grocery story and agro for all of our needs. I also appreciate the dividends we receive for our membership." - Krystyn G., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Resilience and Support
"Being able to get fuel feed and odds and ends really makes my life easier and helps out the community as a whole. After the flood of 2014 coop still made sure to keep the doors open and the fuel stoked and even put a trailer to accommodate any supplies needed. Our little town continues to have open business hours and a 24/7 card lock and I am beyond grateful for both." - Sara S., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Friendly Service
"You are greeted with a smile and often called by name. If you have a specific request they try to get it into the store for you." - Jan R., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Employment and Local Support
"I love our local coop employing local people young and old. Community involvement, charities, etc. The store is always clean friendly and well stocked. Supports the local producers." - Verne D., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Community Giving
"Coop is always giving back to the community whether it is donations of goods or providing grants and scholarships to the other service groups, students and senior citizens." - Roxanne W., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Supporting Local and Providing Equity
"The support it gives back to the community through fundraising barbecues, the different sponsorships and support to the local media. On top of that is the cheques going back to the membership as a result of the purchases they make yearly." - Jonas W., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Going Above and Beyond
"I really love our local Co-op Service Station. The staff go above and beyond to be friendly, helpful and always Service with a smile." - Jan R., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Co-op's Impact on Daily Life
"I work for a Credit Union, my children attend a non-profit daycare of which I am on the board of, and I work directly across the street from our local Co-Op! I rely heavily on the knowledge that we shop at a co-operative knowing they make a difference in our community. I love seeing their smiling, friendly faces every day … and also love knowing when I shop there, my money goes farther - and serves a bigger purpose. I am very grateful for our local Co-Op!" - Sara L., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Trust and Local Support
"It's important for me, being from Estevan, to support local! To have a local grocery store that you can trust to have a good selection at a good price is also important. But the best part about being a coop member is the staff generally knowing their customers, greeting them and lending a hand to find what we need! Coop brand products are also good!" - Jacqueline C., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Charitable Fundraising
"I love all the fundraising the coop participates in and also facilitates by allowing bbqs. I love when I can help out other charities and communities initiatives and they vary from STARS to the food bank. And all those bbqs are always so great. I feel like the burgers and hotdogs always taste better when it’s for charity." - Ashley B., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Community Benefits
"The CO-OP Membership gives me cash back on purchases at the end of the year. I also notice the CO-OP Fundraising for charities and local non profit organizations giving back to the local community. Donations made by members, and the Co-op to these organizations benefit the local community greatly." - Andrew H., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Supporting Local Businesses
"It matters to me because of the dividends you receive because of the amount you spend. It also can be used in 3 different communities to build up towards your number.... The Coop supports the community with fund raisers which help different businesses." - Monica W., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Quality Service and Selection
"I love having a new grocery store in our small community that has everything you need, from baking to deli to meats and everything in between. I don’t like driving to the city to get groceries so it’s nice to support our small community grocery store. The staff is always very welcoming and helpful and they always have a smile on ready to help in any way." - Natalie P., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Community Contributions
"Equity back to members and they give lots to the local community too. They are always willing to go beyond to help groups with BBQ’s. And they give back to those groups." - Amanda P., Southern Plains Co-op Member

Not a Member? Begin your Membership experience here: https://www.southernplainsco-op.crs/sites/southernplains/membership/detail/become-a-member

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